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“Thanks so much for all your assistance! My site’s looking fantastic and I’m so excited to finish adding the content. This was really the boost I needed to finish everything up. You were lightening fast and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to my colleagues. Thanks!” —AVirtualEdge,

Hilary Brooks,

President and Founder,


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About SEO Company Limited


SEO Company Limited is a leading Search Engine Optimisation agency in the UK, USA and worldwide. Since 2005 SEO Company Limited has been practicing Search Engine Optimisation techniques for 100’s of businesses worldwide.

SEO Company Limited is a trading sub domain of Mindurge, the SEO Company Limited was created to serve a specialized  and dedicated services to the topic we love so much, Search Engine Optimisation.

With more than 60 Search Engine Marketing professionals and offices in USA, UK and India. SEO Company limited leads the way in the Search Engine Optimisation industry.

SEO Company Limited pride ourselves on service and results, our company structure of Account managers & SEO Programmers ensure that every account SEO Company Limited manages is managed to ensure the balance of expectations and results are maintained through the project duration.

At SEO Company Limited we are constantly researching and testing techniques to benefit our clients, with search evolving at such a pace it is essential to ensure that such advances are passed onto our clients to ensure we maximise results.

SEO Company Limited understand the importance of Search Engine Optimisation, and the effect it has on a business, it is important that all techniques used are ethical, also known as white hat, and are done for the purposes of delivering and maximising targeted traffic, the opinion of SEO Consult and the basis of our model is to maximise targeted traffic through Search Engine Optimisation Techniques.

If you require assistance or information regarding Search Engine Optimisation please view our SEO Blog which has a great archive of articles relating to SEO, SEO Blog, or o find out more about how we can help you create and deliver a powerful SEO campaign, Contact SEO Company Limited today!

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